Zachary Quinto says the response to his coming out has been universally supportive, and it certainly seems that way from the comments he has received online.

Here's a sampling of the comments on his official Web site and on articles and YouTube videos about his coming out:

Reading this through tears, Zach. A wonderful, heartfelt statement to make in your own time, terms and words, with pure class all the way. Much love and joy to you.

We've always been supportive of you, your work and your compassionate spirit. Nothing has changed except that you have a weight lifted from your shoulders. We will continue to support you in everything you do, and hope that your words will help yet another to realize... It does get better.

I think if you were to look up the definition of the word 'MAN' in a dictionary right now, it would simply say 'Zachary Quinto.'

I don't think you really know how much of a catalyst you've already become for many people. You embody the change you (and I) hope to see happen. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's exactly what is needed.

I'm so very thankful and proud of you Zachary for being brave enough to come out and be such a vocal part of the fight for? equality! I'll watch you act any role in any sexual orientation any day!

I couldn't imagine it's possible to love and respect you even more, but you've just exceeded my expectations. You're an amazing person and a true inspiration. Thank you from all my heart for changing the way I feel about the world -- now I do believe there's hope.

I've been in that dark place myself, and have no qualms about telling you up front that you were instrumental in pulling me out of that place. I admire your courage for looking inside yourself and realizing what kind of real power you have for making a difference -- even if it only seems like a tiny particle of change. And I admire you even more for acting upon this insight, and lighting another beacon for others to find.