A Twitter user who goes by the name of Zola has caused a stir on social media by posting a story Tuesday night that is supposedly based on true events. The 150 tweets have led some people to think it should be made into a feature film.

It’s unclear how true the story is, though. After it drew attention, Zola deleted the epic in 140-character bites. Of course, nothing really dies on the Internet, and it can still be read on Storify. But when news outlets tried to contact her for an interview, Zola did not give any comment. What's more, she continues to post on Twitter and promises that she has even crazier stories to tell.

The basis of the story is that Zola, a stripper who also works at Hooters, decided to go on a trip to Florida with people she barely knew. Here are the players: Fellow stripper Jess is the girl from Hooters who befriends her and invites her on the jaunt. Jarrett is Jess’s boyfriend and Z is the pimp, whose name readers don't find out until the end. 

Zola goes on to tell this story about how Jess tricks her into going to Florida to "trap" -- or prostitute herself. Originally, Zola was under the impression they were going to strip, and so was Jarrett.

This is where the story gets wild and twisted. Zola unknowingly becomes Jess’s madam and partners with the pimp, Z. When Jarrett drops them off at the house of a “client," two men “snatch” Jess. When Zola threatens to call the police because she’s freaked out, Jarrett picks her up and pleads with her not to involve the authorities.

The drama ramps up further when Z confronts the men who took Jess. Zola writes that Z shot the kidnapper, whose name isn’t revealed, in the face. Eventually, they leave Florida and Zola hears from Jess again only after Z is reportedly arrested for killing someone.

Zola even ties up the story at the end and thanks her followers who read the whole thing. “If you stick with that whole story you are hilarious lol,” she wrote at her final tweet.

Twitter fans were so moved by this story that Zola's name became a top-trending topic Wednesday. Some of their tamer messages have been shared below: 

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