Zola Jess Twitter Story
A person claiming to be Jess told her side of the Zola Twitter story Thursday. Its veracity could not be verified. Getty Images

The Internet went wild Wednesday when a girl by the mononym of Zola told an intriguing tale of drug, sex and murder. She claims the story is true, and the Internet was set aflutter when Jess, one of the characters in Zola's narrative, supposedly told her side of the saga.

It might have just been a hoax, though. “The moral of this story is that social media is dangerous and can make you believe anything,” the "Jess" account says in the middle of the story Thursday. “You see how you all retweeted and believed everything with baited breath until it was painfully obvious it was fake?” Then she added: “You all are so thirsty for a messy story that you're willing to believe it no matter what. Sitting around making Zola famous when 100 made up tweets could have made your own simple a---- famous. STAY WOKE.”

In newer tweets, Jess, who goes by the name of Jessica Raes, claims her Twitter account keeps getting hacked. At this point, it’s impossible to tell whether the Jess account is authentic. Here’s one of the main reasons the Jess account likely isn’t real: The account was created just hours ago, which really makes it seem like it’s a phony, but Jess wrote, “I need to clear my name.”

Either way, Jess’ story is entertaining to read, if for no other reason than it’s the Zola trap tale from a different point of view. She started the story by verifying where she met Zola. “Pretty light skin black girl. Extremely friendly. First question she asked me were if my t--- were real. LOL. I was like UH? But went with it," she wrote. Jess uses the same type of dialogue that made thousands of Twitter users become obsessed with Zola’s story.

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