If you're someone who is always thinking about the impending zombie apocalypse, here's something to put your mind at ease - The Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet.

We all know the zombies are coming, and now the public has a way to be prepared...if you have the funds to pay for it. OpticsPlanet is offering their Z.E.R.O. Kit for a very reasonable $23,999 (a big discount from its original $32,375 price tag).

Although the price tag may seem a little steep, it's a small price to pay to keep the zombies at bay.

As OpticsPlanet writes in their product description, there is no room for error when dealing with the undead. This is the reason why they placed the essential tools for survival in one easy package. Their Z.E.R.O. kit takes into account all the different aspects of surviving the looming zombie apocalypse, which means they're not only supplying you with tools to exterminate the zombies, but also to find a cure.

The Z.E.R.O. Kit was only released a few weeks ago, and the company has already seen a spike in sales of individual items in the kit.

Take a look below to see what exactly the $23,999 Z.E.R.O. Kit includes, and figure out if you're prepared when the dead start rising.

First Aid

What would a zombie survival kit be without a first aid kit? Survivors are bound to get wounds while on the run from zombies, so the Z.E.R.O. kit provides the Stanley Personal Protection Large First Aid Kit to help you stop the bleeding and prevent infection.

Kevlar Gloves

You'll barely need the first aid kit if you have the tools to prevent wounds. The Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. Kevlar gloves protect your hands from getting scraped up, and are reportedly reinforced with stitching so that a hungry zombie can't sink his teeth in. The gloves also feature knuckle protectors, perfect for combat if you lose a weapon.

Field Ops Watch

If you've watched AMC's The Walking Dead then you'll know that this little gadget will definitely come in handy. This 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch tells time (never forget a birthday, right Andrea?) and acts as a digital compass. Avoid getting lost in the woods when someone in your party runs off! (A little too late for Sofia.) The watch also acts as a SureShot calculator so you won't ever miss that key shot to the head when a crisis strikes.

Night Vision

This OPMOD PVS-14 Night Vision Scope is important when you're keeping watch at night. OpticsPlanet thought of it all, the kit also include a Thermal-Eye X-50 Thermal Imaging Camera so that when you're unsure if you have a zombie or human at the distance, you can be reassured that you're taking the right shot.

Batteries and LOTS of them

No one will be at CVS or Walmart to restock the batteries when the zombie apocalypse comes. OpticsPlanet includes the SureFire 123A Lithium Battery Box in their Z.E.R.O. Kit. The battery box includes a whopping 400 batteries. OpticsPlanet only includes one battery box in the kit, but they suggest stocking up on one more to use for trading.

Solar Charger

The power will eventually go out when the dead start walking, but luckily for survivors we will always have the sun. The Z.E.R.O. kit includes a solar charger, so that when your battery supply runs out you can just recharge!

Weapon Light

In order to survive in a world full of dead flesh eaters you are going to need a weapon...and it would be helpful if you could see. The SureFire Benelli M1 Super 90 Forend Weaponlight lets you see exactly what your shooting at when danger is near.

Zombie Stopper

EOTech's Zombie Stopper Holographic Weapon Sight is a fun gadget for the apocalypse. The red dot puts a biohazard sign on your walking dead target's head.

Laser Grip

If you have a Glock, you'll definitely need the Crimson Trace Zombie Edition Laser Grip. You'll get the necessary speed to take out dead enemies when they're coming in for dinner. According to OpticsPlanet the red laser also serves as a great distraction tool.

Zombie Apocalypse Knife

This is the ultimate blade in zombie combat. OpticsPlanet writes that the seven inch blade can sever brain stems like ninja assassins.

Battle Mug

Taking a drink of water and being attacked at the same time?! Have no fear with the OPMOD Battle Mug. The Mug is made from aluminum and has a crenellated base perfect for smashing in some zombie skull.


The RCBS Pro-Melt Furnace and Progressive Press allow you to reload and re-forge your bullets. Very hands when ammunition is hard to come by.

The Cure

Qorpak Beakers, Labnet Piettes and Celestron Microscopes! With the best equipment, you might be the one to find a cure for the zombie virus.

Besides all the goods listed above, the kit also provides you with multi-tools, tactical vests, sunglasses and more. The Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet can be found here.

If you're just looking for the proper ammunition for zombies look here.

Do you think you're prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Will you invest in this Z.E.R.O. kit?