Zsa Zsa Gabor is on the road to recovery, according to husband Prince Frédéric von Anhalt. The 99-year-old socialite and actress was hospitalized more than a week ago with an infection in her lungs. 

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Anhalt, 72, said Gabor “is fighting” for her life. He told the publication that while many people her age tend to “give up” on life, his wife is ready to keep fighting. In fact, he assured “ET” that unlike others nearing 100 years of age, Gabor never asked him to let her die or mentioned not wanting to live any longer. Anhalt said she has made tremendous progress since her initial hospitalization, adding that she has been holding his hand, eating ice cream and taking drinks of water periodically. 

“She never told me, ‘Let me go,’ or, ‘I don’t want to live anymore,’ things like that — like people do when they get to an age like that,” he said. “She never did it. Her mother did it but she never did it. So we keep going and see what happens. The main thing that we are watching is that we don’t have any pain, you know? She has no pain at all.”

Anhalt went on to say he has been very careful about what he and those around him and Gabor discuss in her hospital room. In an effort to keep her positive, he says all negative subjects, including sickness and other things about her medical situation, have been banned. Anhalt is so serious about this rule that he has threatened to have anyone who breaks it removed from Gabor’s bedside. 

According to a Fox News report, Gabor was first brought to the hospital on Feb. 8. Anhalt reportedly brought her in to be examined after she complained of difficulty breathing. Gabor was taken to the emergency room and later admitted. The publication added she has had many health issues in recent years.

In October 2011 the Hungarian-born actress was rushed to UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center after a fall in her Bel Air, California, home. The incident left her with a concussion, though she was said to be in stable condition during her hospital stay.