While Zsa Zsa Gabor is 95 years of age and on the brink or expiration, her husband, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, and his stepdaughter Francesca Hilton are battling over the Hungarian actress' conservatorship.

Both Von Anhalt and Hilton are demanding control over Gabor's financial affairs and medical care. But the question everyone is asking -- who is more entitled to the conservatorship?

In March, Hilton's attorney filed a claim at a city court requesting that an independent conservator handle Gabor's affairs, rather than Von Anhalt. The filing resulted in a hearing that is set to take place on May 2.

We are just seeking to bring her finances and healthcare out in the open, so to speak, within the confines of a conservatorship proceeding, so that independent third parties will determine that she is getting the best care she can, the lawyer told KABC Television in Los Angeles.

Von Anhalt fired back on April 20 when he filed a formal objection with the Superior Court of Los Angeles, claiming that Hilton is the last person who should care for her ailing mother, due to her past conduct.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Von Anhalt claims that he has done everything in the past and present to care for Gabor and that Hilton is in fact responsible for the estate's current financial problems.

Hilton, 66, says Von Anhalt isn't helping the situation as he restricts their communication. She also made note of the fact that when she did visit her mother in the hospital and at home, Gabor seemed heavily sedated at the house, adding that a visitor saw remnants of bedsores. Von Anhalt rejects her claims.

On the other hand, Von Anhalt told reporters on Tuesday that he and Gabor are currently in debt. Their home was listed for sale in June 2011 for $15 million, but the property was taken off the market earlier this month. The estimated value of the home is currently less than $4 million, according to real estate reports.

Gabor's husband says he plans to sell the property to pay off his wife's debt, but adds that he cannot afford his monthly payments, which total $30,000, as his wife's monthly income totals $6,000.

Gabor is seen by many as a symbol of European glamour and wealth and known in the US for her reported nine marriages, including to Francesca Hilton's father, Conrad Hilton. She has no other children.

Gabor has been in and out of the hospital since she broke her hip in July 2010 and has not been able to walk for at least 10 years. She most recently had part of her leg amputated in January 2011.