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Finance, tech, lifestyle, business, and more industries have been mostly predominated by men throughout the years. But a growing number of female entrepreneurs are changing that notion, driving company revenues to new heights, building and expanding businesses abroad, creating innovative solutions for customers and institutions worldwide, and inspiring other people's lives with their hard work and drive.

If you're looking for female-driven entrepreneurial inspiration, this list comprises the top founders, entrepreneurs, and business and lifestyle coaches you should keep an eye on for 2023.

Shyla Slavin: V-Luxe

Shyla Slavin is the founder of V-Luxe, a company that creates high-quality probiotics for women suffering from recurring vaginal infections, specifically bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections (YI), and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Slavin has a business degree from San Diego State University, and she's a marketing veteran with over ten years in the field, having worked with multiple agencies and starting various E-commerce companies.

After years of suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Slavin realized the lack of educational content around the issue and the lack of an effective solution for this common vaginal condition (which is also a taboo for many). This led her to start V-Luxe and embark on a mission to eliminate this taboo, raise awareness, promote research, and provide women with clinically-proven remedies to tackle common health issues in women.

Valeria Fedyakina: Bitmama

Valeria Fedyakina (Bitmama) is a blockchain technology expert, crypto market maker, public speaker, IT specialist, founder and director of the Crypto Asset Company.

She is also the owner of the company and the Managing Director of an OTC and exchange company in the UAE, Russia and Turkey, a legal exchange service for legal entities in Europe and the UAE (mainly representatives of the commodity business), which allows you to purchase cryptocurrency for cashless payments. The company is currently obtaining a financial and crypto broker license in Dubai and Switzerland.

Valeria Fedyakina is a regular participant at conferences and other events dedicated to the cryptocurrency market, where she performs on the same stage with the world leaders in the cryptocurrency sphere and is often the only representative from CIS. Author of a book review of Eric Stanford's book "Dashing Crypt".

She is called Bitmama and one of the 50 largest crypto influencers in CIS.

Tammy Yang: Numbers Protocol

Tammy Yang is the founder and CPO of Numbers Protocol, a decentralized network that allows content creators and institutions to trace and verify their digital media files.

Yang describes herself as a machine learner with strong logical thinking. She's a data scientist and graduated from Manchester University with a particle physics Ph.D. Her background includes working for a wide range of tech and AI companies, including Canonical, Viscovery, and DT42 as a software engineer, AI developer, tech lead, CEO, and founder.

In March 2022, she was invited to a webinar talking about the future challenges of Web 3.0 hosted by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute. In December, she was also invited as a speaker at the Training Programme for Ukraine, pointing out the new danger in the digital age.

Laura Vidiella: LedgerPrime

While academia is not a defining factor, Laura Vidiella studied Finance and Computer Science which were a solid foundation for the growth and success in her career choice. She started off developing European environmental commodities markets at STX Group and Covalence, carbon credits being now one of the hottest products across many industries.

The lessons learned there helped her join teams in the crypto industry to contribute and focus on the growth of crypto derivatives platforms such as LedgerX, Paradigm and LedgerPrime's OTC derivatives desk, as well as taking an advisor role at other entities that are building promising infrastructure in crypto such as Enclave Markets and other DeFi protocols.

To foster the industry's adoption she frequently speaks at conferences and is also the Director and Head of Community & Marketing at Women in Blockchain, a nonprofit that aims to enable a diverse crypto ecosystem through education, research and career development.

Trixy Castro: Aureus Finance Group

An awarded and seasoned entrepreneur, Trixy Castro is a well-known name in the real estate and mortgage industries due to her achievements in the housing market.

Castro is the founder and CEO of Aureus Finance Group, a private lender that provides customized lending solutions for real estate investors and borrowers. Before Aureus, she started Genesis Capital in 2007, leveraging the expertise gained during her career at Wells Fargo. She sold Genesis Capital to Goldman Sachs in 2018.

Castro is currently a member of the Forbes Finance Council and has been awarded and recognized by several influencers and leading entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. She's served as an inspiration for entrepreneur women who want to succeed in a male-dominated environment.

Kim Perell: Two-Times Best-Seller

Kim Perell went from being laid off at her first job in an internet startup, broke, and unemployed, to becoming a two-times best-seller and an angel investor in hundreds of successful tech startups. She is now a multimillionaire at the age of 30.

Kim Perell has been scaling tech companies from $0 to $1 billion in annual sales for the past 20 years. She started her first startup with a $10,000 loan borrowed from her 80-year-old grandmother and turned it into a $100 million company in annual revenue. Her last company, Amobee, was sold for $235 million to Singapore telecommunications.

Perell is widely recognized in her field for her best-selling book, The Execution Factor, helping entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business and life. She's now a mother of twins, married, and remains an active investor in more than 100 publicly-traded companies.

Iman Abuzeid: Incredible Health

Abuzeid is a Sudanese-American physician and renowned entrepreneur, founder of Incredible Health, a San Francisco-based nurse hiring platform in which hospitals and clinicians apply to hire the best nurses —instead of the other way around.

Over 250 major hospitals globally use Incredible Health. The platform uses proprietary algorithms to match hospitals and medical centers with the right nurses. Its success has attracted numerous investors, including Obvious Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

Abuzeid was born in Saudi Arabia. She later gained a medical degree from University College London and then moved to the US to work in healthcare consulting. She also has a background in product and health management at various successful startups and companies. Her experience and knowledge in the medical world as well as her entrepreneurial abilities helped her to turn her startup into a $1.65 billion company.

Odunayo Eweniyi: PiggyVest

Odunayo Eweniyi is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor, founder of PiggyVest —Nigeria's largest startup and the first investment and personal savings app in West Africa, helping millions of users a month to better manage their finances.

PiggyVest offers users top-notch security, customized savings plans, and access to better investment opportunities with potential startups and companies globally.

She graduated top of her Computer Engineering class at 21 years of age, three years later founding PiggyVest. Besides tech and finance, Odunayo is helping women succeed in life as well. She founded FirstCheck Africa, a women-led investment and community fund that seeks to support female entrepreneurs and women-led startups in tech and finance, both in Africa and worldwide.

Angelica Ross: TransTech Social

Globally recognized actress for starring roles in American Horror Story ad Pose, Angelica Ross has also honed her entrepreneurial skills, founding TransTech Social —a startup that offers access to workshops, office space, guidance, mentorship, and the necessary resources for potential LGBTQ talented people.

Before coding, Ross studied theatre at Florida Atlantic University. Shortly after, she found "independence through technology," having taught herself to code using video tutorials. This was the beginning for TransTech Social, which is now helping other people —no matter the color, sexual orientation, or background— to succeed in the world of tech.

She's also an active speaker and motivational coach, having hosted a number of talks about social justice, inclusivity, and human rights.

Loretta Markevics: Sed Communications

Markevics is a PR specialist and an experienced advertising veteran providing strategic consulting and insights for brands and startups worldwide through her company, Sēd Communications.

Sēd Communications' approach towards giving startups value relies on their slogan "Disruption is dead. We believe in Eruption." It identifies, reorders, and boosts a brand's core values to build successful products and services. Through award-winning brand experts, the company provides high-quality advertising, public relations, branding, and strategic positioning.

Markevics is also the founder of The Greenhouse, an in-house incubator for startups. In 2021, she founded the Farmers Finds, which supports farmers' markets across the US to expand beyond their local community.

Final Thoughts

The women listed on the list are solid proof of female-led success in business, tech, finance, lifestyle and more fields. These female entrepreneurs of all backgrounds are now reshaping and disrupting their respective industries, raising multi-million dollar platforms and startups, and helping other women to succeed in any aspect of their lives.