The mall industry may be dying, but a large group of California teens found a use for one Tuesday night as they had a teenage mall riot of sorts. Around 100 teens were fighting, jumping on cars and otherwise waging chaos on Weberstown Mall in Stockton, California before police arrived to disperse the crowd, RecordNet reported.

More than a dozen police cruisers arrived at the scene and closed off a few entrances to the mall to control the influx of teens into the establishment. They also detained a handful of them, but the rest escaped to some nearby establishments, including a Walgreens, a Target and a Chinese restaurant. According to RecordNet, some of the teens “noisily entered and ran to the back” of the Target store.

The mall carried on its business that evening, but some stores did give up and close down for the night, ABC-10 reported.

RecordNet’s report said there was a “strong odor of marijuana” in the air at the scene of the incident. Local journalist Carlos Correa reported the Target store made trespassing announcements during the event.

Meanwhile, local reporter Kay Recede reported some of the teens set off fireworks during the incident. Weberstown Mall beefed up its security forces Wednesday.