• Vodka can help cure common ailments, relieve stress and prevent heart diseases
  • The alcoholic beverage can be used as a cleaning solution
  • It may also alleviate arthritis symptoms and stimulate hair growth

Vodka is the perfect alcoholic base for some of the most delicious cocktails ever served. While it is considered a blank canvas, it has an appeal, unlike any other alcoholic spirit. This is why we celebrate National Vodka Day on Oct. 4 as an ode to the timeless drink.

But did you know that vodka can be more than just a drink? Here are some surprising health benefits of this alcoholic beverage:

1. Vodka can help cure common ailments.

A customer walks past shelves with bottles of vodka in a supermarket amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in Moscow, Russia April 8, 2020.
A customer walks past shelves with bottles of vodka in a supermarket amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in Moscow, Russia April 8, 2020. Reuters / MAXIM SHEMETOV

Did you know that vodka was actually invented as a source of medicine? Vodka as a makeshift wound cleanser has been seen in movies time and again, and this is based on science.

Vodka can clean wounds and treat toothaches because it is a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. To use vodka to numb tooth pain, soak a cotton ball with the liquid and apply it to the aching tooth. Leave it in place for up to 10 minutes, then spit out the vodka.

2. Vodka can be a cleaning solution.

Rectangle Notched Corner Metal Frame Mirror
Rectangle Notched Corner Metal Frame Mirror

Next time you run out of vinegar or bleach, raid your liquor cabinet for some vodka. It can be used in many ways, from linen spray to mattress disinfectant, room diffuser, fixture shiner, glass and mirror cleaner, soap scum remover, mildew remover, grease dissolver and as a multi-purpose cleaner.

3. Vodka can relieve stress.

Alcoholic drinks can relieve stress, in general, but if you want the most benefit from your drink, choose vodka. A study showed that vodka has a significant effect on reducing stress, while red wine does not.

4. Vodka may prevent strokes and heart diseases.

Retirement planning is about balancing time and investments with proper guidance.

Heart-healthy vodka can increase blood flow and blood circulation in your body. This prevents clots, strokes and other heart diseases. Vodka sends bad cholesterol to the liver so it can be flushed out of the body. So when consumed moderately, vodka may also help lower myocardial infarction risk.

5. Vodka can help lower your cholesterol levels.

If you want to drink but don't want to gain weight, vodka is a good option because it is considered low-calorie alcohol. It may also increase your good cholesterol to fight bad cholesterol that may clog arteries. Plus, it won't give you a "beer belly."

6. Vodka can be used for skin care.

As a natural astringent, vodka has pH-balancing qualities that make it a good replacement for your facial cleanser or toner. Its disinfectant properties may do wonders in deep-cleaning your pores.

When paired with green tea, rose water or distilled water, the results may show sooner. To use vodka as a face toner, mix equal parts vodka and water. Use a cotton ball to apply to the face in a circular motion.

7. Vodka can treat acne breakouts and tighten pores.

T-Zone Acne
T-Zone areas are usually caused by excess sebum production in the T-Zone. Another likely culprit could be a diet rich in greasy, fatty foods Morlawars Doctor / Flickr

Vodka can help tighten your face and treat acne breakouts with its drying and detoxifying properties. However, pay extra attention when using vodka because it can be really dehydrating to the skin. It is better suited for those with oily skin.

8. Vodka can fight bad breath.

Vodka's benefits to your oral health do not stop with treating toothaches. Using it as a makeshift mouthwash may prevent bad breath as well. The suggested ratio is one part vodka to two parts water. Swish the solution around your mouth for 30 seconds to one minute, then spit it out. Rinse mouth with water.

9. Vodka may alleviate arthritis symptoms.

arthritis joint pain
arthritis joint pain guvo59 - Pixabay

Rheumatoid arthritis comes with painful symptoms, but not to worry – vodka as an analgesic may help with this. Alcohol has been used to relieve pain in humans and animals since ancient times. This means that vodka may help in reducing the pain and inflammation brought on by arthritis.

10. It may reduce the risk of diabetes.

Because vodka can reduce blood sugar levels, it may reduce the risks associated with diabetes. Vodka also does not have additional carbohydrates, which means it is one of the best alcoholic beverages for diabetics. For best results, order your vodka neat or on the rocks. Mixing it with sweeteners or syrups may result in a blood sugar spike due to the added sugars.

11. Vodka impacts sleep quality.

On nights when you feel restless or unable to sleep, warm milk is not the only option. Vodka, in small doses, may induce sleep and stimulate sleep latency. It can be helpful for individuals with insomnia looking to get some shut-eye. If you do decide to drink vodka before bed, try not to do it too often since regularly drinking alcohol may increase your alcohol tolerance.

12. Vodka stimulates hair growth.

Consistent, ongoing treatment

A mixture of vodka and water used as a hair rinse may help remove product buildup in the scalp and strands, stimulating hair growth. You can also mix a shot of vodka with your shampoo and massage vigorously to deep clean your scalp. It also gives hair more shine. When combined with other ingredients, such as organic honey and conditioner, vodka may be good for frizz and dandruff.