Tiger Woods is a 5 to 1 favorite to win the Masters in 2012.
Tiger Woods is a 5 to 1 favorite to win the Masters in 2012. Reuters

The Celebrity 100 has been released by Forbes every year since 1999. This list names the 100 most powerful celebrities, according to the magazine.

Jennifer Lopez topped this year's list. She's had quite the past year, starring movies, making chart-topping songs and appearing as a judge on American Idol.

It isn't just actors and singers who make up the list. Eighteen athletes from all over the world were named to the Top 100.

Tiger Woods was the highest ranked sports figure. He comes in at number 12 overall after reportedly made $58 million in the past 12 months. He's followed by LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Michael Jordan was ranked number one when the list made its debut over a decade ago.

Here are all the athletes that made the 2012 Forbes Top 100, with their ranking on the list and amount of money they reportedly earned in the few year.

12) Tiger Woods $58 million

15) LeBron James $53 million

27) Kobe Bryant $50 million

31) Roger Federer $52 million

32) David Beckham $46 million

33) Manny Pacquiao $67 million

40) Peyton Manning $42 million

44) Cristiano Ronaldo $42 million

47) Rafael Nadal $33 million

48) Phil Mickelson $48 million

50) Lionel Messi $39 million

52) Floyd Mayweather $40 million

60) Tom Brady $27 million

63) Alex Rodriguez $34 million

70) Dwayne Johnson $36 million

71) Marian Sharapova $26 million

77) Serena Williams $13 million

87) Li Na $18 million