2012 Olympics schedule
The 2012 Olympics schedule has been released. london2012.com

The London Games are already underway, as the first football (soccer for Americans) games took place Wednesday, and Thursday will be another day of world-class footie competition.

Though the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony isn't until Friday, the fun has already begun, and this article will help ensure you don't miss any of the action by showing you how to watch the 2012 Olympics via free online livestream on your computer, Apple iPad or iPhone, Android phone and other devices.

This article also provides a full schedule of which sports are being played on which days (simply click on the image at left or scroll to the end of this article to view the full 2012 Olympics events schedule), and provides information about the opening and closing ceremonies.

But first, the free online livestream of the 2012 Olympics. Simply click this link to be taken to NBC's special livestream website, which is equipped with a free live streaming feature that will allow you to watch all the Olympic events live as they take place in London, England over the next month.

Once you click the link, the only other thing you have to do is enter the information about your TV provider and subscription level, and if you have a "a cable, satellite or telco TV subscription that includes MSNBC and CNBC, you can access live streams of EVERY Olympic event," according to NBC's live streaming site.

NBC has also provided an easy-to-use schedule to help you once you know what day your favorite sport will be having a competition. Simply click on this link for a day-by-day breakdown of the 2012 Olympics schedule.

The world's most elite athletes are flying in from all corners of the globe to be in London for the 2012 Olympics, which began July 25, 2012, and end on Aug. 12, 2012.

The aforementioned football events will continue to take place on Thursday, and there will be some archery during the day on Friday, but the world's eyes will turn to London later on Friday, when the Opening Ceremony will begin at 4 p.m. EST.

But Saturday, July 28, 2012, is when the fun really begins, as a full slate of events will take place, with everything from volleyball and tennis to swimming and basketball kicking off all on the same day.

The first medals will also be awarded on the 28th, in athletics, cycling, fencing, judo, shooting, swimming and weightlifting.

Then it's more than two weeks of world-class sport, as every day up to and including Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012, will feature a variety of events, culminating in the Closing Ceremony on Aug. 12.

The Summer Olympics are being broadcast exclusively on the full range of NBC channels in the United States of America, while in England they will be shown on the BBC's various channels.

A full breakdown of what channel will be hosting the London Summer Games in your home country can be accessed by clicking this link.

Here's the official calendar of which sports and events will be held on which dates during the 2012 Olympics:

2012 Olympics Calendar