Sochi Weather 2014
Weather conditions appear to stable in Sochi, Russia, as the Winter Olympics complete the second full day of events. Reuters

When Black Sea resort paradise Sochi was selected to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, there were more than a few head scratches around the globe.

The average temperature in Sochi during February falls in the mid 40-degree Fahrenheit range, not necessarily the colder conditions that can sustain the 98 winter events that require snow or ice for the Olympics.

Thus far there haven’t been any issues in terms of maintaining snow in any of the outdoor events, a solid sign that Sochi can host a successful games over the next couple of weeks. Though, it appears much of the snow fell during January and there has been plenty stored away, according to organizers. Ice inside arenas is far easier to maintain and manipulate with a full staff.

On Sunday, the temperatures reached a high of 57 degrees in the mid-afternoon and a low of 43 degrees is expected at night while the Olympic village winds down for Monday’s events. There has been no percipitation and little wind during the Games.

The 10-day forecast calls for temperatures to reach as high as 57 degrees on Thursday, and as low as 40 degrees on Tuesday, though showers and cloudiness intermittently mixed in.

Sochi beat out PyeongChang, South Korea, and Salzburg, Austria, to host the games back in 2007. In comparing the current weather conditions and forecasts of each city, Pyeongchang does show colder temperatures in the low 40s throughout the next week with some light snow fall, and Salzburg will reach far lower at 26 degrees. PyeonChang will host the Winter Olympics in 2018.

Despite the slightly warmer temperatures, it appears Sochi’s climate won’t be a major factor in the first week of the Winter Games.