Doctors performing surgery
The family of Dina Khallil donated the organs of their dead daughter to a hospital that can be used in transplants to save lives. sasint/Pixabay


  • The nursing student plunged 18 meters to the ground from her apartment window
  • Hospital staff reportedly refused to admit her because she had no medical insurance
  • Her family donated the nursing student's organs to a hospital to help save lives

A 22-year-old nursing student died in Jordan last month after she was unable to receive timely treatment after falling 18 meters (59 meters) to the ground from her apartment window.

The deceased, identified as Dina Khalil, fell from a fourth-floor window while putting up Christmas decorations in Amman, Jordan, where she had been studying, Yahoo News Australia reported.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but staff allegedly refused to admit her because she did not have medical insurance, according to local media.

Her friends managed to raise enough funds for Khalil to get medical attention but only for basic treatment. By then, the Israeli national had already lost much blood.

Khalil was flown to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, but passed away on Dec. 29, 2022.

"It was probably too late. Because the hospital staff waited a long time before giving her the treatment, she lost a lot of blood," her father, who was not named, told local media, according to the Times of Israel.

"After a few days, we were able to transfer her to Rambam Hospital, where she was pronounced dead," he continued.

Khalil's family decided to donate her organs for transplants.

The family was informed by a hospital that the nursing student had saved the lives of at least five people, her father said.

"We didn't think about who it would reach, the main thing is to save human lives. We are very happy with the decision, but I am sorry that this is what happened to my beloved daughter. She really loved the nursing profession, and in the end she passed away. By donating her organs, she is now giving relief to people," Khalil's father told local media, according to Yahoo News Australia.

This comes not long after a student nurse died after she was trapped in her car during the massive snowstorm that hit New York last month.

Anndel Taylor was heading home from work on Christmas Eve when her vehicle got stuck in the blizzard that engulfed Buffalo. She was only able to send text messages to her three sisters as she waited to be rescued, TMZ reported.

Taylor apparently died later that night. Rescuers were only able to remove her from the car the following day.

Taylor's mother reportedly believes her daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning since the snow had covered her exhaust pipe as she slept with the engine running,

Medical staff treat seriously ill COVID-19 patients at Milton Keynes University Hospital, amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Milton Keynes
A 22-year-old nurse reportedly died after a hospital refused to treat her since she did not have medical insurance. Reuters