• Investigators found 400 photos and videos relevant to the case
  • Victims experienced blackouts and have no memory of abuse
  • The accused continued his encounters even after the investigation was on

drug abuse Many of the victims experienced black out and were unaware of the abuse Photo: pixabay

Brian Jeffrey Raymond, 44, a U.S. Embassy staffer who was arrested earlier this month in Mexico, has been denied bail for sexually assaulting 23 women and videotaping them, reported The Daily Beast.

The investigation began in May when Mexican police responded to reports of a “naked, heavily intoxicated, hysterical woman screaming for help from the balcony” of Raymond's official residence.

Raymond, who was arrested on Oct. 9, was denied bail by the U.S. District Court as prosecutors established that he is a threat to the community and is at flight risk.

According to court documents, he is charged with one count of coercion and enticement, for inducing a victim to travel for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. The prosecutors are expecting more serious charges from 23 identified victims.

Raymond claimed that the encounters were consensual when he was detained by Mexican police. Federal Investigators interviewed him in the U.S. and Raymond insisted on his consensual claim. Later, the images from the seized devices contradicted his claim and led to the arrest.

The forensic examination of Raymond's confiscated electronic devices and iCloud account revealed more than 400 photos and videos relevant to the case, Insider reported.

The investigation also found out that many victims experienced “blackouts” and have no memory of the abuse. Reports say that a victim, who also experienced blackout, was completely unaware of the abuse and realised that she was sexually assaulted only when she received  her medical examination report.

According to the investigation reports, Raymond had a “different public face”. As a government service employee for 23 years, he  travelled and worked in numerous countries with extensive experience in living abroad and led an exemplary life. This ‘public face’ helped him trap his oblivious victims whom he dated through Tinder.

Many of the victims were unaware of his behavior until they were shown videos and photos of them filmed unconscious. He continued his interactions even after he realized that he was the focus of an investigation.

The government detention memo reports that Raymond was active on at least three dating applications and proposed in-person meetings to numerous women, and he had sexual intercourse with at least one of them at her home till the date of his arrest.