In a shocking incident, a 4-year-old girl was repeatedly raped at her school for more than two months.

The incident took place in the city of Hyderabad in the southern Indian state of Telangana. The matter came to light after the girl's parents noticed a change in her behavior. They observed their child appeared downcast and cried consistently over the past two months.

They further found out their daughter was repeatedly sexually abused by the suspect, identified as the school principal's 35-year-old driver Rajini, with the latest misdeed taking place Monday, as per Times of India. He allegedly took the child to a lab located opposite the principal's office and raped her.

Officials investigating the matter said the accused sexually violated the girl every time he found her alone at the premise. Rajni, who had been working for the principal for over a decade, was arrested at the school by local police Tuesday.

He was initially charged with outraging the modesty of the child. However, during a counseling session, the girl confided that her accuser used his fingers to sexually assault her which caused her "pain." Authorities later altered the charges to rape based on the medical examination report.

"On being prodded by parents, the child told them about the driver's misbehavior," the police said.

Police also quizzed other students on the matter as part of the investigation, many of whom admitted to exercising caution while being around the driver. It was also revealed that Rajni often used to enter classrooms in the absence of teachers and used to discipline the students.

Meanwhile, the principal claimed she wasn't aware of her driver's misdoings. The police booked her for negligence.

The principal used to delegate odd jobs to Rajini, including maintaining the laboratories and running errands for other staff. This is how he came in contact with the victim, police said, according to Free Press Journal.

Parents had previously approached the principal with complaints about Rajini's behavior but she reportedly paid no heed to their concerns. Police was verifying other allegations of abuse and harassment of students against Rajini.

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