• Marcos Paulo da Silva was first imprisoned when he was 18 years old for a petty theft
  • Da Silva has not left prison since then and is sentenced for 217 years
  • His cold blooded murders gave him the nickname "Lucifer"

prison Da Silva, has never left the prison since his first crime and will die behind bars as he is sentenced to 217 years Photo: pixabay

Marcos Paulo da Silva is just over 40 but the prisoner’s homicide victims tally at 48, a dozen more than America’s infamous serial killer Ted Bundy as the latter confessed to only 36 killings before he was put to death in 1989.

First arrested for a petty theft, Da Silva’s crimes matured with age and gradually turned into brutal murders. When the 42-year-old was first put behind bars, he was just 18 years old. The teenager soon became infamous for his cold-blooded murders among the inmates and was nicknamed ‘Lucifer’.

The gory details of Da Silva’s dreadful prison history was exposed recently in a report by Brazilian firm UOL and it became a viral discussion in South America, Portugal, England and Spain in no time.

Apparently, Lucifer is said to have murdered five inmates in one go in Serra Azul Jail in Sao Paulo in 2011 in one of his bloodiest attacks to date. The ruthless murderer is known for disembowelling and beheading the victims.

“I don’t regret killing those people because the fight was fair. They were rapists and thieves who took advantage of other prisoners and robbed them,” Marcus, proudly justifies his savage crimes in his conversation with a judge in the UOL interview.

De Silva is often compared to Charles Bronson, the Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, according to Euroweekly. He has also been described as the head of a gang of assassins created with the mission of murdering members of the PCC.

PCC is one of Brazil’s leading prisoner gangs that took shape to protect them from the brutal prison system of the country. It is believed that Da Silva switched allegiances and turned against PCC after joining the gang soon after his first conviction.

Interestingly, Da Silva has never left the prison since his first crime as a teenager and will die behind bars as he is sentenced to 217 years.