Although vaping is thought to be less harmful than traditional smoking, it can still be addictive and bad for your health. And with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting a spike in the number of cases of vaping-related illnesses, it is high time to be aware of all ill effects of vaping.

Here is a list of certain important facts on the health effects of vaping you should be knowing:

1. Vaping Affects Heart Health and Increases One’s Risk for Heart Attack- Since nicotine is the primary agent in e-cigarettes, it can make you crave a smoke and you might end up suffering withdrawal symptoms if you tend to ignore it. And nicotine is a highly toxic substance that can increase your blood pressure and spike your adrenaline. This can raise your heart rate and your risk of experiencing a heart attack. A study has reported that short-term use of e-cigarettes increases cardiac angiogenesis (formation and development of new blood vessels) that could lead to atherogenesis (formation of atheromas on the walls of arteries).

2. Vaping Can Cause Cancer- The e-cigarettes contain about 7000 chemicals and at least 70 of them can cause cancer. To name one, formaldehyde (a cancer-causing substance) might form during overheating of the e-liquid or during a dry puff (when there isn’t adequate liquid reaching the heating element).

At least five people have died in the US after vaping
At least five people have died in the US after vaping AFP / EVA HAMBACH

3. Vaping Has Caused Lung Injuries- CDC has reported about 805 cases of lung-related injuries in the United States due to vaping. And most of such cases contain a patient history of using e-cigarettes containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a few other cases reported the use of products with only nicotine or a combination of the two. But it is still unclear as to what is causing lung injuries since the investigation has not pinpointed to any specific vaping products.

4. Vaping Causes Long-term health effects- Although there isn’t much clarity about the possible long-term health effect of vaping, a few recent reports of serious diseases in e-cigarette users emphasize symptoms such as nausea, cough, breathing difficulties, chest pain, fatigue, weight loss or fever. Several cases have even been severe enough to need hospitalization. Even death has been reported in some cases.

5. Vaping Can be fatal- With the soaring number of reported lung injuries and other health problems, 12 people have died due to vaping-related health issues. Severe lung injuries have led to death in the first reported patient who had experienced vomiting, diarrhea, coughing and shortness of breath.