Here's why NetReputation is one of the top-rated reputation management companies today. Pixabay (CC0)

The internet is the most powerful tool in marketing today, and anything posted online could make or break any business. What's published in cyberspace can affect a company's credibility and how future potential customers may view them. In fact, studies show that around 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If you're a business owner or a marketing practitioner, you know that building a brand's online reputation doesn't end with publishing press releases, updating social media and responding to online queries. You also need to track what's being said about you in the millions of portals online. One negative post may very well cost you your business.

Because the internet has become an integral part of everyone's lives, maintaining a good online reputation has also been essential.

A modern business requirement

Practically a requirement in the modern business environment, reputation management companies will not only build you a stronger brand that will resonate with your audience, it will also help you stay on top of what's being said about you, and give you a chance to counter on the off-chance that they're negative.

If you're looking for one, NetReputation is easily one of your best options. Based in Sarasota, Florida, NetReputation is one of the top-rated reputation management firms operating today, and here's why:

1. It's the best at suppressing negative search results

As one of the fastest-growing reputation management companies today, NetReputation has continuously polished its strategies at suppressing negative results, making them the best in that category.

NetReputation is a reputation management specializing in helping businesses put their best digital foot forward.

At its core, reputation management is about making sure search results about your company are topnotch and positive, and the easiest way to do this is by making sure any negative results are either suppressed or outright removed legally. NetReputation excels very much in this regard by using the latest in technology to suppress these negative results and replace them with positive content that's especially geared to not only build your brand, but even help it grow in the right direction.

2. Its process is unorthodox

When it comes to managing your online reputation, the company follows a unique process. NetReputation doesn't always completely remove negative information about your business, but rather suppresses it with positive ones using their own content-based strategy.

To start, NetReputation's management campaign does painstaking research to identify all of the keywords that are associated with your brand. A gap analysis is then conducted, followed by the removal of negative search results. NetReputation will then establish a development plan to build content that would improve your digital footprint. Each piece is matched with the appropriate audience before it is published across multiple channels. From there, promotion follows, separated by those that are owned, earned and of course, paid.

This way, NetReputation streamlines the reputation management process, leaving you not only free from any negative search results, but also equipped with content to reach new customers and inspire growth.

3. It's services are flexible

As one of the best reputation management companies, NetReputation offers felxible services, serving both companies and individuals depending on their needs.

While NetReputation follows its own intrinsic process when it comes to managing the reputation of a company, its service for individual people includes the removal of mugshots, criminal records and personal and private information from search engines. NetReputation also offers the deletion of old and embarrassing photos from social media, as well as the optimization and management of your social media accounts for better personal branding.

Besides reputation management for companies, NetReputation also offers their services for individuals.

Promotion via large scale media distribution and the creation of extra digital assets is also added to complete the package. This way, you are sure to find yourself reflected in nothing but a positive light the next time you or your friends, family and colleagues Google you.

NetReputation also offers local SEO services to improve your organic reach, public relations services and even branding solutions to help you better establish your own business identity.

4. It has razor-sharp focus

Reputation management companies usually multitask, spending its time managing your reputation, helping you with marketing and doing PR-related work. This isn't necessarily bad, as the top firms that do this are able to make it work just fine.

NetReputation, however, goes the opposite way by simply focusing all of their resources and strategies in taking care of your online reputation and making sure that you're always putting your best digital foot forward. What's more, NetReputation is very proactive in its services, identifying potential problems in all of the channels that your company uses and addressing them before they even take root and do damage.

5. It's a top-rated and award-winning company

NetReputation is a top-rated company, and one of the industry leaders.

Just last year, Newsweek named the company as an industry leader and the world's leading reputation management company, all thanks to its continued growth and ever-developing strategies.

NetReputation also secured other notable accolades, such as being the 208th fastest-growing company in America, the top 18 Advertising and Marketing company, and being among the top 20 companies in Florida.

"At NetReputation, our goal is to provide world-class online reputation management services to our clients by utilizing the latest technology and processes. Through various methods, we work to restore, improve, or create a positive internet reputation for businesses and individuals," said CEO Adam Petrilli.

NetReputation is best known for their focus on reputation management via a tried-and-tested content-based strategy.

If you want to learn more about NetReputation and its services, you can click here.

As we move forward with the digital age, companies like NetReputation will be more important and critical to any business' success.