• He spent nine months in hospital and five months in home isolation 
  • His wife and son lived with him but they tested negative multiple times
  • The man has no symptoms now

A 56-year-old old man has been battling COVID-19 for 14 months. He has tested positive 78 times since 2020 when he first contracted the virus. Doctors say the man is a leukemia patient and is immunocompromised.

Muzaffer Kayasan from Turkey has been confined to his home and hospital since November 2020, spending nine months in hospital and five months in self-isolation, reported Daily Sabah.

The report said Kayasan was hospitalized immediately after testing positive in November 2020. He was allowed to go home after his condition improved, but he continued to harbor the virus in his body.

Though people can end self-isolation after two weeks, Kayasan cannot do so as he has never tested negative.

Doctors said this was because Kayasan's immune system was frail due to leukemia. They have prescribed drugs to improve his immune system but Kayasan says it is "a very difficult process."

The man's wife and son, who stayed with him, have tested negative multiple times. "Nobody except them stayed with me. I think I am more exposed to the virus than them. Even a cat passing by the window can infect me," he said.

Kayasan believes that though he has no symptoms, his body still has "remnants" of COVID-19. "This is the only explanation I was given for the positive tests," he added.

The isolation has ended Kayasan's social life. It has forced him to see his children and grandchildren only through a window. He also cannot get vaccinated due to his condition. He has undergone a bone marrow transplant three years ago.

"I have no problem here other than being unable to touch my loved ones. It is very hard. I can't even get vaccinated because of my condition," he added.

"A person who is not vaccinated is for me a person who harms society, himself, and his family. You have no right to kill others. This is immoral, dishonest," he said.

He is now requesting authorities to find a solution to his situation.

Recently, a woman in South Africa with an "uncontrolled" and advanced HIV infection had battled COVID-19 for nine months. The virus reportedly developed at least 21 mutations in her body. She finally got rid of the SARS-CoV-2 beta variant infection after adherence counseling and Anti-Retroviral Therapy.

Health experts say part of the reason Covid rates are increasing among young people is that they are not as good at following social distancing and masking recommendations, compared to the elderly
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