The mere thought of the slithery snakes gives us panicky vibrations, doesn’t it? You might not want to be faced with a vicious Boa Constrictor that is roaming free.

Linda Hood, the owner of a six-foot-long Boa Constrictor complained that the snake sneaked off the house outside of her knowledge last Friday. It is a male Boa Constrictor that can victimize anyone as its owner warns "it is not friendly".

The near-6-feet-long snake freed itself from confinement the very minute Linda Hood turned her back on Friday and it is still on the loose, Mirror News reported.

After the snake had gone missing, she searched her home in Fleetwood, Lancs, before finally posting an alert on Facebook as her last resort. The post read, “Can people please keep a look-out for this guy. Please be careful as he is not friendly.

Linda also added, “He hasn’t been handled much. Got him off my neighbor so was getting him used to being handled, He was there at 8.30pm – and at 11.30pm, he was gone.”

Linda pleaded with her neighbors in Fleetwood to look for it vigilantly as it might cause severe damage to any individual that crosses its path.

Boa Constrictors are known to victimize with their teeth and then constrict animals until they die. The only respite is that they rarely attack humans unless disrupted.

Back in 2017, US Firefighters in Ohio rescued a woman from the frightful clutch of her pet Boa which wrapped around her biting her face. In another incident that surfaced on this pretext, residents of Lincolnshire last year went sleepless after a Boa slithered to freedom. The Lincolnshire Police at that time released a statement concerning the incident in which they said: “We are advising people to stay away from a snake after it was reported missing from a Boston property, the snake’s owner reported it missing from the house on Union Street at just after 7pm yesterday evening”.

The maximum length of a Boa Constrictor can range up to 13ft while it can have a lifespan of over 40 years if receives proper care. They feed mainly on small animals like mice and rats but given a chance, they can eat birds, monkeys, and even wild pigs.

Boa Constrictor
A Boa Constrictor shouting obscenities in Parseltongue Reuters