Philadelphia Building Collapse
The man who inspected a building on Market Street before it collapsed last week in Center City Philadelphia, killing six people, was found dead last night in an apparent suicide. Reuters

An explosion in southern Philadelphia on Monday has left one person in critical condition and seven others hurt. No deaths have been reported. Among those hurt were four adults, a 15-year-old and a baby, NBC Philadelphia reported. The residents of surrounding streets and a nearby school have been evacuated.

The explosion brought a house down and residents nearby said they “heard a loud noise,” saw smoke and smelled gas. Nearby building were also damaged. Emergency crews shut down surrounding streets and fire officials confirmed it was an explosion.

Fox News Philadelphia reported four buildings were damaged, and one person suffered severe burns. Authorities said he was working in the collapsed building, which was uninhabited and being renovated.

Another building in Center City, Philadelphia, collapsed on June 5 during construction. Six people died and 13 people were injured.

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