The Afghan government accused Pakistan on Sunday saying that it had sheltered insurgents behind the suicide bombing that killed Dawood Dawood, one of the most powerful men in northern Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Dawood, the north Afghanistan police chief, was killed in Saturday's attack in Takhar province. The attack also killed two other Afghan police and two German soldiers. The attacks underline the spread of insurgent violence into once peaceful areas of the country, said the Reuters report.

No one in Afghanistan would carry out these attacks. All evidence shows that these operations are planned outside of Afghanistan, Waheed Omer, chief spokesman for President Hamid Karzai, told reporters.

After the U.S.-backed Afghan forces defeated the Taliban almost a decade ago, violence in Afghanistan was at its worst last year, despite the presence of up to 150,000 foreign troops, Reuters reported.

According to local officials, the bomber was wearing a police uniform when he did the explosion. However, Omer said it's unsure whether the Takhar attack had been aided by a rogue policeman or soldier.

On the other hand, the allegations of rogue elements being involved in Saturday's attack in Taloqan, the capital of Takhar, were dismissed by the governor of Takhar province. The intelligence officials were aware of the mission and even they were having the telephone number of the suicide bomber several days before his attack.