In the second quarter of Sunday's game at Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers linebacker A. J. Hawk sacked St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford near midfield.

After the sack, Hawk inexplicably made a middle finger gesture. Some players do a dance, some make a motion as to wearing a championship belt, but Hawk decided to flip the bird. But who did he direct it towards?

Surprisingly, it was to his own teammates.

I'm stupid, said Hawk, after the game. I don't even realize sometimes when I'm out there that anyone's out there -- the TVs or anything.

Hawk claims it was a running joke he had with his teammates and promised not to do it again. He hopes to avoid a fine, but he will surely get one, as Roger Goodell doesn't take kindly to misbehaving players.

The CBS broadcasters made no response after Hawk made the gesture. It was puzzling as to who he was directing it towards since the Rams were on the other sideline, and it couldn't have been towards opposing fans since the game was at Lambeau.

It was an odd incident to say the least. Hawk didn't say which teammates he had the inside joke with.

The Packers handily defeated the Rams, 24-3, and are unbeaten in six games.

Here's a look at Hawk's sack, and the hand gesture: