Deshaun Watson Clemson
After throwing for just one score against Ohio State on Dec. 31, 2016 at University of Phoenix Stadium, Deshaun Watson's over/under for touchdown passes against Alabama is 2.5. Reuters/Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama is a significant favorite over Clemson, but the 6.5-point spread is just one of numerous betting lines in the 2017 College Football Playoff national championship game. Several prop bets are available for Monday’s contest.

The Crimson Tide have been perfect this year with a 14-0 record, and many expect them to roll past the Tigers in a rematch of last year’s title game. The betting odds indicate that the most likely scenario is an Alabama win of between seven and 12 points, though gamblers can wager on eight different margins of victory for either team. The biggest longshot is a Clemson win by 43 points or more, which carries 100/1 odds.

Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 in the 2016 College Football Playoff national championship. The defending champs haven’t lost since Sept. 15, 2015.

The game’s over/under is 51, and there are totals for both Alabama (29) and Clemson (22.5). The Crimson Tide averaged 41.5 points in their final four games before the semifinals, though they were held to 24 points against Washington in their victory on New Year’s Eve. Clemson shut out Ohio State in their semifinal game, and Alabama has allowed 16 points or fewer in eight straight games.

The game’s first score is expected to be an Alabama touchdown, and 50/1 odds are available for a Clemson safety. The team that scores first has 1/2 odds to win the game.

It’s been 14 years since the national title was decided in overtime, and Monday’s game isn’t expected to last beyond regulation. The odds of the contest going into overtime have been set at +650.

Deshaun Watson’s over/under totals have been set at 269.5 passing yards, 2.5 touchdown passes and 42.5 completions. The quarterback completed 47 passes for 405 yards and four scores against Alabama a year ago.

Below are prop bets for the national championship game, via

College Football Playoff Championship Props

(Clemson vs Alabama) – Winning Margin

Clemson by 1-6 pts 17/4

Clemson by 7-12 pts 17/2

Clemson by 13-18 pts 16/1

Clemson by 19-24 pts 33/1

Clemson by 25-30 pts 55/1

Clemson by 31-36 pts 80/1

Clemson by 37-42 pts 90/1

Clemson by 43 or more pts 100/1

Alabama by 1-6 pts 15/4

Alabama by 7-12 pts 7/2

Alabama by 13-18 pts 5/1

Alabama by 19-24 pts 9/1

Alabama by 25-30 pts 14/1

Alabama by 31-36 pts 20/1

Alabama by 37-42 pts 35/1

Alabama by 43 or more pts 40/1

Total Team Points – Clemson

Over/Under 22.5

Total Team Points – Alabama

Over/Under 29

(Clemson vs Alabama) - Team to score first in the game

Clemson +120 (6/5)

Alabama -160 (5/8)

(Clemson vs Alabama) – Will the team that scores first win the game?

Yes -200 (1/2)

No +150 (3/2)

(Clemson vs Alabama) – Highest Scoring Half

First Half EVEN (1/1)

Second Half & OT -130 (10/13)

(Clemson vs Alabama) – Will the game go to Overtime?

Yes +650 (13/2)

No -1400 (1/14)

(Clemson vs Alabama) - The first score of the game will be

Touchdown -200 (1/2)

Field Goal or Safety +150 (3/2)

(Clemson vs Alabama) - The first score of the game will be - Exact Outcome

Clemson - Touchdown 2/1

Clemson- Field Goal 11/4

Clemson – Safety 50/1

Alabama - Touchdown 6/5

Alabama - Field Goal 11/4

Alabama – Safety 45/1

(Clemson vs Alabama) - Will there be a score in the first 6 minutes of the game?

Yes -130 (10/13)

No EVEN (1/1)

(Clemson vs Alabama) - Will either team score 3 unanswered times in the game?

Yes -220

No +155

(Clemson vs Alabama) - Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored?

Yes +125 (5/4)

No -160 (5/8)

(Clemson vs Alabama) - The longest touchdown score in the game will be

Over/Under 48.5

(Clemson vs Alabama) - The first turnover of the game will be

Fumble 5/4

Interception 4/7

No Turnovers in the game 7/1

(Clemson vs Alabama) - Team to have the most first downs in the game

Alabama -2.5

Clemson +2.5

Player Stats (Clemson)

Total Passing Yards - Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

Over/Under 269.5

Total Touchdown Passes - Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

Over/Under 2.5

Total Completions - Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

Over/Under 42.5

Total Rushing Yards - Wayne Gallman (Clemson)

Over/Under 54.5

Total Rushing Yards - Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

Over/Under 45.5

Total Receiving Yards - Mike Williams (Clemson)

Over/Under 81.5

Total Receptions - Mike Williams (Clemson)

Over/Under 5.5

Total Receiving Yards - Artavis Scott (Clemson)

Over/Under 39.5

Total Receptions - Artavis Scott (Clemson)

Over/Under 4

Total Receptions - Ray-Ray McCloud (Clemson)

Over/Under 3

Total Receptions – Wayne Gallman (Clemson)

Over/Under 2

Player Stats (Alabama)

Total Passing Yards - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 189.5

Total Touchdown Passes - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over 1.5 -160 (5/8)

Under 1.5 +120 (6/5)

Total Completions - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 15.5

Total Rushing Yards - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 55.5

Total Rushing Yards – Bo Scarbrough (Alabama)

Over/Under 69.5

Total Rushing Yards - Damien Harris (Alabama)

Over/Under 64.5

Total Receiving Yards - ArDarius Stewart (Alabama)

Over/Under 67.5

Total Receptions - ArDarius Stewart (Alabama)

Over/Under 4

Total Receiving Yards – OJ Howard (Alabama)

Over/Under 35.5

Total Receptions - OJ Howard (Alabama)

Over/Under 3

Total Receiving Yards – Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Over/Under 49.5

Total Receptions - Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Over/Under 4.5

Total Receptions – Damien Harris (Alabama)

Over/Under 1.5