Bobby Petrino
Bobby Petrino leaves John L. Smith to restore some of the glory lost at Arkansas because of the Dorrell scandal. Reuters

Jessica Dorrell may be Bobby Petrino's only mistress after all.

Last week, reported that the former Arkansas head coach had exchanged hundreds of text messages with former model Alison Melder. The nature of the relationship between the two wasn't clear, but the two had texted each other many times between Sept. and Oct. 2011

Now, Melder has responded to Deadspin through an attorney, claiming she never had an inappropriate relationship with Petrino.

Jeff Hagood, of Hagood, Tarpy and Cox in Knoxville, emailed the website to clear Melder's name.

Unfortunately, my client has been drawn into a firestorm that is simply sad. While she did meet Coach Petrino last fall and kept in touch; the truth is that Alison has never in her life been alone with Coach Petrino. She is not a public figure, and any suggestion that she was involved in an extramarital affair with Coach Petrino is false. And it is actionable.

Melder's statement comes a week after Petrino was fired for carrying on an affair with Arkansas employee Jessica Dorrell. Once word surfaced that Petrino might have a second mistress, many wondered whether or not Petrino's activities outside of his marriage might rival that of Tiger Woods.

There was also a rumor last week that nude photos of Petrino might soon be leaked. No such pictures have been released as of yet.