Report: Kindle Success Creates Big Room for Amazon Smartphone Next Year
Buoyed by the success of its Kindle and Kindle Fire, giant online retailer Amazon may dip its finger further to the lucrative smartphone market as report emerges that another Kindle handset will be introduced to consumers as early as next year. REUTERS

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled a new e-reader device called the Kindle Touch 3G, which is now selling for $149 and $99 without 3G.

The company confirmed in New York that it will be joining the tablet market with its Kindle Fire: a 7-inch color display device that weighs 14.6 ounces, complete with Wi-Fi support and runs on Google's Android operating system. The new tablet is going for $199 and will begin shipping on Nov. 15.

Bezos said the new devices are Premium products at non-premium prices.

The Amazon tablet will enable users to download their favorite books and magazines in color. Users will also be able to access to 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books through Amazon and have access to Amazon's App Store. There will also be a built-in browser called Amazon Silk.

Amazon released the updates to its line of e-ink ereaders after announcing the Kindle Fire tablet.

The Kindle Touch 3G has touchscreen support. The Wi-Fi-only version is available for $99. The regular e-ink Kindle, which isn't a touchscreen is priced at $79.

Reports are that Amazon will have all three devices available for pre-order on Wednesday at to ship on Nov. 21.