E-commerce company Amazon opened a cashierless grocery store in Seattle on Tuesday, which allows customers to buy fresh produce and meat, along with other typical supermarket items.

The store, “Amazon Go Grocery,” will bring competition to major supermarket giants such as Kroger and Costco, and is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill residential district. The size of the store is 10,400 feet, which is still smaller than the average 40,000 square feet supermarket.

Customers scan an “Amazon Go” app to begin shopping, with sensors and cameras checking what items they add to their virtual cart. When customers leave the store, the bill is applied to their on-file payment card.

The store will have staff who will perform tasks such as restocking shelves. The employees will also be available for questions from customers.

Amazon opened its first “Amazon Go” convenience store in January 2018, with the concept targeted at office workers in urban areas. There are currently 25 “Amazon Go” stores nationwide, serving areas such as New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

Amazon has been changing up its physical brick-and-mortar operations, with the company shutting down all of its U.S. pop-up kiosks in 2019. The e-commerce giant may also implement new strategies to reach an international audience, with the company exploring the idea of opening up a bookstore in Germany which sells Alexa devices.