Until about a year ago, gas-guzzling vehicles reigned supreme on American roads. Major automakers reaped sky-high profits as more of these speed demons hit the roads. However, this scenario changed drastically as gas prices shot up, leading the way for an increasing number of fuel-efficient cars to dominate the scene.

With gas prices approaching $4 a gallon ... fuel economy is on top of mind for nearly every consumer. And with the most fuel-efficient lineup in the industry, our results reflect their concern, Bob Carter, group vice-president and general manager of Toyota, said in a press release on Thursday.

The ongoing gas crisis will have produced many conscious buyers as of now. And for some people who are used to the thrill of driving these oil-burners, the situation spells a catastrophe. Many are faced with the dilemma of choosing between speed and power that these cars provide and gas economy that more modest nameplates offer.

However, as 24/7 Wall St. noted, new technologies have seriously improved the efficiencies of several hybrids. Some of the newly manufactured hybrids claim to give over 40 miles per gallon, while the electric ones boast of a mileage of more than 50 MPG, the Web site commentary said.

The Web site has also got hold of a list of the most fuel-efficient cars in America from the U.S. Department of Energy, eight of which the site has mentioned. Several factors including mileage, engine type, vehicle price and the fuel cost over a period of one year were taken up for consideration while deciding the order.

Take your pick from the gallery of pictures of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in America that claim to keep gas woes at bay.