Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is threatening to go on a hunger strike unless he gets a Playstation 3, a more comfortable chair, and other prison perks.

Breivik, the 35-year-old right-wing extremist responsible for the worst mass killing in Norway, a 2011 bombing that killed eight people and a shooting spree that killed 69 others, claimed the conditions he is living in in prison amount to “torture.” He wrote a letter in November with a list of 12 demands to prison officials, Agence France-Presse reported Friday. Breivik is serving a 21-year sentence.

Breivik, who said he played the shooter “Call of Duty” to train himself for the mass shooting at the Labor Party's youth camp on the island of Utoya, is demanding his Playstation 2 be swapped for a newer Playstation 3. He also wants to play more adult games “that I get to choose myself.”

"Other inmates have access to adult games, while I only have the right to play less interesting kids' games. One example is ‘Rayman Revolution,’ a game aimed at three year olds," Breivik wrote, according to AFP. Breivik also said his chair is “painful,” and requested a more comfortable sofa or armchair as a replacement.

Breivik also requested a computer instead of his “worthless typewriter with technology dating back to 1873.” He claimed that prison officials were torturing him and that he was a “political prisoner.”

"You've put me in hell ... and I won't manage to survive that long. You are killing me," he wrote. The letter also threatened that other right-wing extremists would rise up in response to his treatment in prison.

"If I die, all of Europe's right-wing extremists will know exactly who it was that tortured me to death. ... That could have consequences for certain individuals in the short term, but also when Norway is once again ruled by a fascist regime in 13 to 40 years from now," Breivik wrote, in an apparent reference to the infamous Quisling regime during the World War II German occupation.

The mass murderer said in a Fan. 29 letter that a hunger strike is “one of the only” options he could take.

"The hunger strike won't end until the Minister of Justice [Anders] Anundsen and the head of the KDI [the Norwegian Correctional Services] stop treating me worse than an animal," he said.

The 35-year-old mass killer’s lawyer, Todd Jordet, said Thursday that Breivik is claiming to be a victim of “aggravated torture,” and that his client’s circumstances have not changed.

"These conditions have barely improved since," Jordet told AFP.

Breivik also said he was a “human rights activist.”

“You seem to think that we -- all human rights activists who fight for one fundamental human right [cultural self-determination] -- ... are Nazi monsters who should be pushed into suicide," he wrote.

This isn't the first time Breivik is complaining about prison conditions. In November 2012, he demanded moisturizer, hotter coffee and more butter.