Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has complained to authorities about his living conditions at Ila Detention and Security Prison outside Oslo where he is serving his sentence.

“I highly doubt that there are worse detention facilities in Norway,” Breivik wrote in a letter to prison officials, according to Agence France-Press via Google.

Breivik’s cell, with about 250 square feet of space, includes separate sections for sleep, study, and exercise, BBC News reported. But the prisoner wrote that it is too cold and lacks a decent view. He also asked for better amenities, including moisturizer and more butter for his bread. He complained his coffee is served cold, that handcuffs cut into his wrists when he is being transferred, and that the light switch and television remote control are located outside his cell.

On July 22 of last year, Breivik set off bombs in the capital city of Oslo, killing eight people. He then traveled to a summer camp on nearby Utoya island sponsored by the left-leaning Labor Party. There, he shot and killed 69 people, most of them teenagers.

During his trial in June, Breivik called the massacre “necessary” and said he “would do it again.”

In August, Breivik was sentenced to 21 years behind bars. But he is likely to have his sentence extended, and will probably spend the rest of his life in jail.

Breivik’s attorney, Tord Jordet, agreed the criminal’s treatment was inhumane.

“He is aware that, taken separately, his grievances can seem unimportant, but taken together, they paint a grim picture," Jordet told AFP. "His freedom of speech is being violated. Being deprived of this freedom of expression breaches the constitution and human rights."