Andrew Harrison interview
Andrew Harrison (left) looks on during a press conference for the 2015 NCAA Men's Division I Championship semi-final game at Lucas Oil Stadium as Aaron Harrison (right) talks to media. Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Following the unexpected, early end to what had been an undefeated season, Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison let slip a less-than-complimentary, three-word sentence about Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky during post-game interviews. Microphones picked up Harrison saying “F--- that n-----” when one of his teammates was asked about Kaminsky’s play during the game, which Wisconsin won 71-64 Saturday night. The game was a thriller that came down to the final minutes.

Harrison later apologized for the language on Twitter, saying that he had used the words in jest and that he had apologized to Kaminsky as well.

See a short video of the comment below. Warning: Video contains what some may consider offensive language.

Harrison also tweeted an apology, saying that Kaminsky was “a player I respect and know,” and said he immediately called Kaminsky to apologize and to “let him know I didn't mean any disrespect.”

Check out a few of Harrison’s tweets below.

The sophomore wasn’t the only University of Kentucky student who didn’t take the outcome well. Following the game, police arrested 31 people after they reportedly set fires near the University of Kentucky's Lexington Campus, according to the police.

A Lexington Police Department spokeswoman confirmed that a number of people were injured and were taken to a local hospital for treatment, but none of the injuries were serious.

Fans gathered on State Street and set fire to "multiple objects" and reports on social media showed a large crowd gathering around an unidentifiable object in flames.