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bring back our girls 500

Boko Haram Beaten Back In Borno

Nigeria's military says schools have been reopened and civilians have been rescued in the country's northeast, which had been controlled by the Islamist militants.
Colin Powell

'A Pretty Good Deal'

U.S. President Barack Obama thanked former Secretary of State Colin Powell supporting the nuclear agreement struck with Iran.
Same-sex marriage

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis' Mugshot Revealed

After being jailed on contempt of court charges, Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refused to grant same-sex couple marriage licenses, was photographed by authorities.
Saudi Arabian Firefighters

Fire At Oil Firm Housing Complex Kills 11

"I saw at least 30 ambulances and three helicopters. The smoke was very heavy," says a witness close to the blaze at Saudi Aramco's apartment complex in the city of Khobar.
patriot missile

US To Pull Patriot Missiles Out Of Turkey

The American announcement came after Germany said it would withdraw both missiles and troops currently stationed in the Middle Eastern country by early next year.


Domestic gas lines continue due to a shortage, amid the country's economic crisis, in Colombo

Sri Lanka Makes Progress Towards IMF Credit - IMF

The International Monetary Fund reported constructive talks with Sri Lankan authorities on Thursday, raising hopes it could soon grant preliminary approval for a credit facility to alleviate a...