Ann Coulter is sticking by the controversial remarks she made while defending Herman Cain on the Sean Hannity show, saying the statement that our blacks are better than their blacks is both true and devoid of racism.

On Oct. 21, Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity's FOX segment and caused an uproar when, contrasting conservatives and liberals, she said, our blacks are so much better than their blacks. In the video (see full clip below), Coulter went on to slam Obama for being half black, claiming Herman Cain was a more legitimate representative of the black population because his ancestors were American slaves.

Coulter has ourtraged and offended many Democrats and even some Republicans in the past, with comments linking Occupy Wall Street to Nazis, urging the assassination and Christian conversion of all Muslim leaders, and once telling a gathering of gay conservatives that marriage is not a 'civil right'--you're not black.

In this instance, however, her comments could end up hurting Herman Cain, the candidate she so vehemently supports.

On Joy Behar's HLN show last night, the host challenged Coulter's remarks. Quoting Coulter's comments, which included the statement to become a black Republican you don't just roll into it... you have thought everything through, Behar took issue with the conservative author's characterization of black conservatives as more impressive, and the implication that voting for the GOP made someone a better voice for the black community.

Are you saying, Behar asked Coulter, that all the African-Americans that vote for Democrats are stupid?

Coulter, however, refused to back down from her comments, repeating many of them and embroidering her remarks with more observations on black conservatives and liberals. Yes, Coulter emphasized when Behar mentioned the our blacks are better comment. Answering Behar on blacks who vote for the Democratic Party meanwhile, Coulter replied that the issue was how conservative blacks are portrayed: Google Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney, John Conyers, she said, and then Google Allen West, Michael Steele or Herman Cain.

Coulter went on, however, to repeat her comments on Joy Behar's HLN show. Ours are more impressive. There's no question about it, an increasingly testy Coulter told the equally angry CNN host, before saying that liberals were vicious in their attacks and that Cain is a real threat to Obama.

A conservative black is a massive threat to the entire liberal establishment, Coulter said, and this is a smart, powerful black.

Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Show:

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