New Orleans Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry claimed there is no player in the NBA they would trade Anthony Davis for.

Davis recently made headlines after revealing he felt he was the best player in the league over the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

"Honestly, I see myself as the best player in the league, most dominant player in the league," he told Rachel Nichols in a recent ESPN interview. "I just think it's time for that step, you only get a short window, I don't want that window to close so I think my time is now."

"Those two [James and Durant] are great players, I bring something unique to the table. My game is different from both of those guys, both ends of the floor. MVP and Defensive Player of the Year candidate so that's why I feel like my name should be at the top of the list."

His comments have since sparked a mixed reaction from the basketball world. Some feel he is entitled to think he's the best player in the league while others believe he is still a slight step below James and Durant.

What does Gentry think of the debate? According to him, if Davis cannot be called the best player in the league, he is certainly the most valuable player in that he can be traded for anyone. But that doesn't mean the Pelicans are open to a trade amid recent speculation.

“If you don’t want to call him the best player, I call him the most valuable,” Gentry told reporters after Monday’s practice. “If you can trade him for anybody, then he is the most valuable guy in the league."

"Not that we would ever consider that. … There’s no one in the league that we would trade him for and there’s no one out of the league — not even Beyonce. If we wouldn’t trade him for her, he’s probably untouchable."

Davis still has two years with $52 million left on his Pelicans deal as well as a $29 million player option for the 2020/21 NBA season, so the franchise isn't in danger of losing him as a free agent at least for now.

However, recent speculation states if the Pelicans aren't doing well around the time of the February trade deadline, Davis might ask to be traded away with the Los Angeles Lakers being the prime favorites.

The 25-year-old recently parted ways with his longtime agent to join Klutch Sports, who notably represent James, and joining the Lakers would undoubtedly elevate them from playoff contenders to potential champions, if not this season, then the next.

But for now, Davis is ignoring the rumors and is focused on the Pelicans when they kick off their NBA season against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday.

"You hear it everywhere, it's funny, how did that [Lakers rumors] even happen? How does that correlate?" Davis asked with a laugh. "You know, in my head, I don't pay attention to it, I keep going back to it but it's the truth, I look at what I have now and what I can do now and that's helping my team win."

"You can't listen to what somebody else is saying, all the white noise, 'AD's going here, AD's going here,' — AD's playing for the Pelicans this year... the rest will take care of itself," he added.