The spouse of one of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's top campaign aides will be conspicuously absent from a fundraiser scheduled for later this month. Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is married to Clinton loyalist Huma Abedin, has been asked not to attend the event that is being thrown by Weiner's boss, Michael Kempner, CEO of the MWW Group, a public relations firm based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the New York Post reported.

Abedin has been one of Clinton’s top aides for years, and is currently the vice chairwoman of Clinton’s campaign for president. But since Weiner’s second sexting scandal in 2013, he has stayed away from Clinton’s campaign.

“He was not only not invited,” a source told the Post. “He was specifically told not to show up just in case he had any plans to.”

Weiner’s first sexting scandal in 2011 led to him resigning as a congressman. Despite the scandals, and a failed run for New York City mayor, Weiner in July was put on the board of advisors of Kempner’s public relations firm.

“Anthony Weiner is an expert on public policy and will not be expected to service clients directly,” MWW said at the time of Weiner’s hiring, according to the Post.

Kempner has been a huge donor to both Clinton’s campaign efforts as well as President Barack Obama’s. Abedin married Weiner in 2010, before any of the sexting scandals. Clinton’s husband former President Bill Clinton officiated Weiner and Abedin’s wedding.

Despite her relationship with Weiner, Abedin has been close to Clinton’s campaign from the start. The fundraiser is scheduled to be held Sept. 24 at Kempner’s home in Cresskill, New Jersey.

“Huma’s influence is so pervasive, and Hillary’s dependence on her so total, that it is expected she will have her own bedroom upstairs in the White House,” a Clinton associate said, according to the Post.