Anthony Weiner did send that photo after all.

On May 27, a lewd photo of a man’s scantily clad lower torso was tweeted from Weiner’s account to a 21-year-old female Seattle college student.

Quickly after the tweet, Weiner claimed on Twitter that his account was hacked. Then, he went on a media tour to reiterate that it was not him who sent the photo.

Now, in Monday’s press conference, Weiner admitted that it was him who sent the tweet and photo, although the intended recipient wasn’t the Seattle 21-year-old. After he sent the photo, he panicked and felt embarrassed. That’s when he decided to lie about the whole thing.

Weiner said he kept everyone the dark, including his family. He didn’t tell his wife about it until this morning.

He said his wife knew that he had online romances before they were married. However, he didn’t tell her that he continued some of these relationships and that he lied about the ‘Weinergate’ tweet.

The ‘Weinergate’ scandal first erupted when Weiner sent a lewd photo of his scantily clad lower torso via Twitter.

Today, more naked photos, allegedly of Weiner, were released by website The photos were allegedly sent to a young woman on May 20 via a Yahoo! email account of Weiner’s. Hours after the new photos were released, the Representative called the 4 p.m. press conference.