• The actor was outspoken in his views about not getting vaccinated
  • He vowed he would not get the vaccination until 2023
  • He shared a picture of a positive lateral flow test informing about his COVID-19 status

British actor Laurence Fox, who stoked controversy for his anti-vaccine views, revealed Sunday he had tested positive for COVID-19. He also wrote on his Twitter account he has been taking the unauthorized drug, Ivermectin.

Fox shared a picture of a positive lateral flow test, informing his more than 300,000 followers about contracting the virus.

“In other news, felt shivery and crap yesterday,” Fox wrote. “Turns out I have been visited by Lord Covid at last and have the Omnicold (if the LFT is to be believed!) On the #Ivermectin, saline nasal rinse, quercetin, paracetamol and ibruprofen. More man flu than Wu-flu at the moment.”

Ivermectin has not been proved as an effective treatment for COVID-19. It is an antiparasitic drug used mostly in animals, though has been used to treat worms in humans. Several vaccine-skeptic public figures, including comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan, claimed to have used the drug to treat COVID-19.

Fox’s tweet came four days after he posted a picture of himself wearing a T-shirt with a slogan saying, “No vaccine needed, I have an immune system.”

In another tweet posted Sunday, he said he was on day two of the virus.

Many people commented on his post, asking him where he had got the ivermectin and why he was taking it.

Fox responded, saying: “Not only do you only have to sign a form saying you feel well to get into Mexico, but you can also buy drugs like Ivermectin over the counter that the vaccinaholics don’t want you to get hold of here. I’m so happy to be joining the natural immunity club. Going to have a nap.”

Fox has been outspoken about his views on the pandemic and about not getting vaccinated. He also vowed he would not get the vaccination until 2023.

The actor is known for playing the supporting role of Detective Sergeant James Hathaway in the ITV detective drama, "Lewis." He also played the role of Prince Charles in "Whatever Love Means," followed by his appearance in "Becoming Jane" and "Elizabeth: The Golden Age."

On Monday, the U.K. reported 92,368 last night after reinfections were included in the statistics for the first time. The number was up from 69,007 the day before. Previously daily COVID-19 case figures did not include reinfections for England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, the Guardian reported.

TV actor Laurence Fox is running on a libertarian platform
TV actor Laurence Fox is running on a libertarian platform AFP / Tolga Akmen