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Apple cider vinegar offers plenty of benefits, one of which is as a weight loss aid. Pictured: Dinner salad at the Changemaker Honoree Gala Getty Images/Noam Galai

Apple cider vinegar offers plenty of benefits, one of which is as a weight loss aid. There have been many testimonials that prove its effectiveness, not to mention scientific studies that support these claims. What’s more, you do not need to consume large quantities of apple cider vinegar to make it happen. As little as a tablespoon per day could already go a long way.

Here are eight scientific ways that apple cider vinegar has proven itself effective for weight loss.

1. ACV will help you feel full for longer

According to Belly Fat Diet for Dummies author Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, consuming ACV with food results in a higher level of satiety and can keep you from reaching out for snacks in between main meals.

2. It controls your blood sugar levels

Having ACV before eating is said to help reduce the change you feel when your blood sugar levels rise up after a meal. When you consume carbs, the body’s blood sugar levels typically spike and this is what causes one to feel sluggish. The fewer of the spikes you experience, the easier it will be for your body to regulate sugar. Plus, it will help control post-meal tiredness and fatigue.

3. It helps curb your appetite

Apple cider vinegar can help stop your junk food cravings. Research supports the role of ACV as a natural appetite suppressant and as a factor in keeping us from binge eating later on. Its main component, acetic acid, keeps blood sugar levels steady, thus preventing the body from wanting to consume sugars and other unhealthy food.

4. It suppresses fat accumulation

Acetic acid in vinegar also slows down the accumulation of fat in the body. Taking it daily, in the morning or the evening, has been found to be useful in reducing obesity and preventing metabolic syndromes.

5. ACV is good for diabetics

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by losing weight and apple cider vinegar has been useful for people who have been diagnosed with the condition. Vinegar helps lower glucose in the blood after eating. By affecting insulin sensitivity, it can contribute greatly to your weight loss plan. If you’re taking any medications, just be sure to carefully monitor your readings while taking ACV to prevent hypoglycemia.

6. It enhances the way food is digested

Acetic acid blocks disaccharidases from entering the bloodstream. These are enzymes that break starches during the digestive process. If the starch is not broken down, the body avoids the rapid spike in blood sugar levels, thus aiding in weight loss.

7. It supports weight loss goals

It is best to consume two to three doses of apple cider vinegar throughout the day for weight loss, particularly before meals. Experts recommend that you dilute it in water first before consuming it, or if used in a salad, combine with olive oil. Having too much could cause high acidity and this may reverse its good effects. It can even cause throat irritation if taken undiluted and in excess.

8. ACV affects insulin regulation

As mentioned, ACV proves insulin sensitivity, which means it will help regulate blood glucose levels. By placing the body in a better functioning position, the greater your chance to lose weight more and faster, without worrying about inflammations.