Apple plans to downgrade its free iCloud storage offered as complementary space to MobileMe customers. In an email sent to iCloud subscribers, Apple has stated that 20GB storage offered to MobileMe customers and who continued to stay with Apple during iCloud transition will cease to enjoy their complementary services Sept.30.

Over the years, Apple has steadily increased storage level offerings for users allowing them various options for distributing storage for several accounts linked with iDisk and email.

For a free MobileMe account, the storage level peaked to 20GB and could be split among email and iDisk services depending on user need, CNET has reported.

With transition to iCloud, Apple reassessed its storage offerings and introduced a new basic storage capacity of 5GB per user that results in less overall need for space.

In its report, SlashGear noted that MobileMe users were scheduled to lose their 20GB storage July 30, but Apple rescheduled the date to Sept.30.

This implies that iCloud subscribers who have utilized less than 5GB storage have nothing to worry over, but those utilizing over 5GB storage will not be able to get iCloud backups after Sept.30 and need to remove some content from storage to bring it down to available space.

This recent move from Apple is also confirmed in its discussion posts where to a user query on the announcement elicits response that states MobileMe customers who received free 20GB storage during iCloud transition in early June, in addition to 5GB storage offered by iCloud service, will cease to enjoy additional storage space by the end of the month.

CNET carries a detailed copy of the mail issued by Apple to iCloud customers.

All iCloud subscribers using above 5GB can manually delete documents and backups from iCloud using the OS X system preferences, but the email has to be managed through Apple Mail program or another email client that they use to access iCloud mail, CNET has stated.

MacRumors states in its report how the additional storage space is made available at an annual cost of $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB. And the purchased storage can be added to the base 5GB storage capacity.