Amazing security-camera footage captured several thieves ramming a BMW into an Apple Store to steal iPhones in Temecula Calif. The Apple Store theft occurred Sept. 6, when the driver slammed his car into the electronics store and an accomplice loaded a bag with smartphones.

Although four people are suspected of being involved with the robbery, which occurred in the Promenade Mall, only one suspect has been apprehended by police, according to the Press-Enterprise of Riverside.

Equonne Romon Howard, allegedly the driver in the video, has been arrested and is being held in a Riverside County jail on a $600,000 bond, which is reportedly an estimate of the damage done to the Apple Store.

Howard, who is on parole as a result of two robberies in Los Angeles, faces charges of vandalism and theft from both the Apple Store and a nearby 7-11 where Howard allegedly stole materials to fix a flat tire on the BMW.

Howard pleaded not guilty to the felonies Wednesday.

Surveillance video of the robbery emerged online as a part of the pretrial process. In the video, the security camera clearly captures the BMW smashing through the front glass windows of the Apple Store as a masked man exits the car and fills a backpack with stolen iPhones.

However, the robbery went wrong when the Apple Store's security gate came crashing down, effectively trapping the BMW in the store. This led to the driver, allegedly Howard, repeatedly slamming the car back against the gate in a frantic attempt to escape the store.

Perhaps the dumbest thing about this Apple Store theft? The iPhones they stole will be worth considerably less in a week, when the iPhone 5 launches. Had the thieves simply waited a few extra days, they could at least have gotten their hands on the newest models.

Watch the security-camera footage of the Apple Store theft below.