Apple Siri Lawsuit
Apple might have more cash than the U.S. government, but a wave of disillusion with the seemingly magical tech giant has gained momentum as of late. The latest example includes a class-action lawsuit over its "false and misleading" Siri ads. Reuters

Monday marks the beginning of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, where the company will unveil its upcoming ventures in mobile devices, computers and all things Apple. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company has just unveiled iOS6, the newest operating system update, which will run on its iPhone and iPad devices.

One of the most significant additions to come with iOS 6 is an enhanced Siri, which will be able to perform a variety of new functions with iOS6. Here's a list of what Apple's personalized digital assistant will have to offer with the upgrade:

1. Siri can launch third-party apps. The new Siri will be able to launch apps by voice command. For example, if a user says Play Temple Run, the game will automatically open.

2. Siri can speak new languages. Siri has picked up some new languages to add to its already diverse options, including Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Canadian French and many more.

3. Siri knows more about the world around you. The automated voice system has gained more knowledge about your surroundings, meaning it will be able to offer enhanced search results. Restaurant searches are now being sorted by Yelp rating, and when tapped it will automatically bring users to Open Table, an app for making reservations. When it comes to movies, Siri will bring up a list of films being played at a nearby theater, along with information from Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews from IMDB will also be brought, up and Fandango will be integrated for ticket purchases.

4. Siri knows sports. Siri will make it even easier for diehard sports fans to stay on top of their favorite teams. The personalized assistant will be able to answer questions involving player stats, game scores, and more.

5. Siri will come to the iPad. We're talking Siri beyond the iPhone 4S, and we're bringing it to the new iPad, Scott Forstall, senior VP of iOS software at Apple, said at the WWDC keynote. Siri will be available on all iPad devices with the launch of iOS 6.

6. Siri goes social. Users will now be able to tweet directly from Siri, including a hands-free integration mode. Forstall also announced that Facebook will play a larger role in iOS 6. When users log into the social media service, Facebook will be integrated across the entire iOS platform, from apps and the notification center to Siri.

This is only WWDC's first day, and Apple is sure to unveil more features and updates over the next few days. For those who missed the keynote speech, be sure to tune in to Apple's official website later today.