Apple is apparently planning to make its own set of mixed reality headsets soon. Inside iOS 13 reports have also been circulating that a head mounted augmented reality display is coming from Apple. The device is also called “Project Garta” as it’s still far from its public reveal.

As of now, Apple is currently testing and developing the Project Garta mixed reality headset device according to a documentation on an internal build of the iOS 13. Hardware details about the device are still unclear, but it’s expected to look similarly to the Apple Glasses.

The internal notes of iOS 13 also show some Project Garta features. The Project Garta device is said to have a “StarBoard” mode which also allows other “views and scenes” for the user. It’ll also have two head mounted states for testing for when the device is “held” and “worn.” For now, Project Garta seems to be in its early stages and not much information can be obtained about the full specs and details about the device itself.

Apple is said to be interested in making AR devices as its CEO Tim Cook expressed interest in the device. Cook said that Augmented Reality is profound and could “amplify human experience instead of isolating humans.” Analysts predict that Apple would have the Project Garta released by early 2020.

Back in 2017, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman predicted that the next Apple headset would use its own independent operating system. While the internal document shows parts of Project Garta tied to the iOS 13, Apple has been making its devices and services independent from each other. This is evident with paired devices to the iPhone and the dissolution of iTunes into separate apps.

As of now, Apple is still focused on releasing and pushing out services and subscriptions. The company is also starting to branch out of its smartphone-focused development with the Apple Card and the Apple Wallet feature that supports university IDs.

Even now, fans are still eagerly awaiting for a September device release out of the company’s history with the month despite Apple’s silence about any release.

CEO Tim Cook is pictured introducing the iPhone 4s in 2011. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/KEVORK DJANSEZIAN