Apple is notorious for releasing the AirPods and its wireless charging case only in white. A new ad featured on an Apple website, however, shows that there’s a lot of ways to customize the audio accessory charger.

Apple’s Korean website shows a video of the AirPods wireless charging case in many different designs. While the world might think that finally, the Cupertino tech giant has decided to give in to public demand for more color options for the popular accessory, it still hasn’t -- the video shows how Korean consumers customized their AirPods wireless chargers.

Wait, what?

The 38-second ad, first spotted by MacRumors, shows a variety of cute customizations Korean users made to their AirPods wireless charging cases. Some of the designs are very simple, and some of them are quite intricate. Regardless of design, all of them are very creative and show that not all Apple users want their devices in plain white.

“A variety of unique AirPods transformed through your hands full of creativity,” the YouTube ad’s caption (translated from Korean) reads. “Here's their charm.”

Some AirPods wireless charging cases shown were designed with stickers. Some of the cases were made to look like they had partner cases, likely belonging to a special someone. Several cases looked like they were placed inside a knitted pouch, and some of them looked like they were placed inside slicone protectors.

Many of the cases featured came in a variety of colors and had figures of animals or Korean letters on them. Some of them became keychains, while some of them had trinkets attached to them. Some of them were even dressed to look like food ordered from the nearest McDonald’s, or the salt and pepper shakers that usually come with them.

From the community

Apple doesn’t sell any of these wireless charging case customization options. It simply created an ad to show how users can exercise their creativity in turning a simple white accessory into something colorful and more alive, depending on the user’s preference.

Some customization options can be purchased from Amazon or other online retailers. Some of them transform plain AirPods charging cases into popular characters like Mario, Majin Buu, or Pikachu.

AirPods Users can customize their AirPods charging cases in a variety of ways. Photo: Stephen Lam/Getty Images