An armed robber has been targeting McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Boston, and the city’s police department has enlisted the public’s help in located the man responsible for the chain restaurant thefts.

The McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts robberies have been occurring in Boston over the past several weeks, according to the Boston Police Department. During that span, three Dunkin’ Donuts franchises and three McDonald’s restaurants have been robbed, the department said. One of the robberies can be seen in the above video, which shows a man carrying a gun and wearing a red hoodie and black backpack approach a counter to grab cash inside what appears to be a McDonald’s.

Police described the suspect as either a black or Hispanic man between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-9 inches tall. He brandishes either a revolver in some of the robberies and a semiautomatic gun in others.

Witnesses have described the suspect as having an accent, but accounts vary as to what kind of accent.

“Witnesses reported the suspect to have a Spanish [Puerto Rican] accent in some incidents and a Haitian or Jamaican accent in others. In all of the incidents the suspect has been noted to have some kind of accent,” the Boston Police Department said in a statement asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Boston police went on to describe the suspect’s modus operandi:

“The suspect reportedly hangs in the restaurants and in some incidents the suspect has ordered coffee. The suspect has jumped over the counter in some of the incidents.”

The robberies were usually conducted around closing time, the department said, but cautioned that “vigilance during all times should be taken.”

“Please take note of the person pictured as a suspect in at least one of the incidents. We are actively looking to identify this person,” Boston police said.