• Mesut Ozil's potential return to the Gunners may be an audition for his next stop
  • Arteta is considering Ozil but is not promising anything
  • A move to MLS looms as an option after Ozil's Gunners stint

Mesut Ozil continues to be in cold storage, but his absence from the field could be coming to an end. Arsenal FC manager Mikel Arteta revealed that they have to decide on some things in January, and it appears the German midfielder will be part of those.

“He’s not in the squad right now,” Arteta said to reporters before their Sunday match against Burnley. “But, whatever happens in January, we have some time to decide.”

The Gunners coach may have taken Ozil into consideration after former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger came to the defense of the 32-year-old player.

"You have a more creative player in the team who can do less defensive work but you build a team around him who can compensate for these deficiencies,” Wenger said in a report from ESPN. "That is what you have to think about."

There are two ways to look at this opportunity that Ozil may be getting. It could be a chance to revive his career if he performs well. But if he continues to show the same attitude, it could be a proper send-off for the German defender whose contract will end after this season.

Should he be given the chance to suit up, Ozil may also have several things in mind. One is that he could debut impressively to show Arteta that he remains a key piece for Arsenal. But then again, he could play at a high level as a form of audition for other teams.

Several teams are interested in Ozil, particularly Fenerbahce. Though their pitch was previously shunned, with the German preferring to stay with the Gunners, the scenario changes dramatically when his deal runs out. If no team picks him up, it is an option he could take.

Another option on the table for Ozil is a stint in Major League Soccer. D.C. United and LA Galaxy are two clubs linked to the 32-year-old player. David Beckham’s Inter Miami is said to be also interested in his services, ESPN reported.

With Ozil entering the final months of his deal with the Gunners, a January return to action could be telling. With no other viable solution in sight, Arsenal may be looking to get the most out of Ozil’s contract – by using him for the remainder of his current deal.

Mesut Ozil has been deleted from Chinese versions of the Pro Evolution Soccer game
Mesut Ozil has been deleted from Chinese versions of the Pro Evolution Soccer game IKIMAGES / Ian KINGTON