• Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has been fighting to end child poverty
  • Mesut Ozil contributes to Rashford’s cause by joining the campaign
  • Ozil commends Rashford's charitable work

Despite being left out in the final lineup of Arsenal this season, Mesut Ozil is keeping himself productive outside the football pitch.

Ozil's generosity was in full display on Tuesday as he provided free school meals for around 1,400 pupils in North London for the rest of this week, according to a report by the Guardian.

In coordination with Barnet Sunday Football League (BSFL), Stefan Pepper and German Chefs Catering in Knightsbridge, the 32-year-old midfielder delivered packed meals to 12 schools in Barnet and surrounding areas.

“We are very grateful to Mesut Ozil and Stefan Peppert for getting involved with our initiative, and the volunteers on the project who have worked tirelessly throughout. We have raised over £3,000 so far, with 1,400 meals per day prepared and delivered to schools,” a BSFL representative said.

This comes as Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been making a name for himself as a persistent campaigner to help the vulnerable children across the United Kingdom.

The 22-year-old Englishman initiated a child food poverty task force that partnered with the country's biggest supermarkets.

Rashford's advocacy was honored by Queen Elizabeth II, per CNN. Moreover, the English FA Cup winner was recognized with an MBE last Oct. 10 for his efforts.

On his social media account, Ozil praised the Red Devil for setting an example in these challenging times.

“Congratulations on all your amazing work! What you’re doing is an incredible achievement that is helping so many kids here in the UK. Keep up the great work,” he wrote on his Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Ozil has reached out to the public. He’s also been seen doing charitable work with Rays of Sunshine and Barnet hospice.

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