Arsen Wenger is steamed by UEFA
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is still upset about treatment from UEFA. Reuters

Arsene Wenger is still fuming about Arsenal's Tuesday Champions League loss to Barcelona.

In the match, a second yellow card by Swiss referee Massimo Busacca was given to Robin van Persie for shooting a ball after the whistle was blown. Van Persie pleaded that he couldn't hear the whistle with the loud crowd at Camp Nou buzzing during the match.

To many observers, it was a harsh a call, and Wenger on Thursday gave another harsh response.

Wenger said that UEFA was wrong for asking for an apology from the team for harsh language.

We can all understand that we can make wrong decisions, but after that it becomes dictatorship. It's not any more common sense, said Wenger, according to the Associated Press.

The long-time Arsenal manager also that the club did nothing wrong.

The only thing that people remember is that the sending off killed the game, Wenger said.