Unknown arsonists set an unused mosque in Jerusalem ablaze and sprayed anti-Arab graffiti on its walls early on Wednesday morning, provoking Muslim sentiments and prompting the government to take action.

We have zero tolerance for any type of violence, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat was quoted as saying by Jerusalem Post.

Even if the mosque, located on Strauss Street near downtown Jerusalem, was inactive, an attack on a Muslim place of worship around the Old City, having religious sites of Muslims, Christians and Jews, can have unpleasant repercussions and aggravate the whole Arab world, officials said, condemning the attack.

The vandalism was carried out in a manner similar to recent attacks associated to hard-line Jewish settlers, a Reuters report said.

The graffiti on the wall read, in Hebrew, Mohammed is a pig, A good Arab is a dead Arab and Kahana is alive.

The attackers are suspected to be right-wing Israeli extremists, who are opposed to government policies. A few pictures below show the mosque after the attack and the anti-Muslim graffiti.