A survey revealed on Thursday that nine out of 10 over 18 years old have showed symptoms of stress in 2010.

According to a Lifeline poll and released by AAP, more tha four out 10 indicated they were stressed.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was one of the few who were showing signs of strain last week.

Lifeline chief executive Dawn O'Neil said the results of the crisis have backed up the agency's annual survey that showed a rise of 650,000 Australians who were under stressed, compared to the previous year.

It showed that work topped the list of stress factor, followed by uncertainty about the future and finances.

Health and relations also made it to the list of stress factors.

The survey also revealed that Australians were “significantly” more stressed than Americans.

“Australians really need to work at managing their stress levels,” said Ms. O'Neil.

Last May, a single-crew ambulance officer Rick Wallace in Sydney experienced post-traumatic stress order due to dealing with patients. He said he has received minimal counseling despite enduring the ordeal of attending critical patients on his own.

''You're treating, you're driving, you're running communications and the fear of violence is always in the back of your mind,'' he said.

Mr. Wallace also narrated that working as a single-crew was stressful.

Health experts said Mr. Rudd is doing the right thing by taking his family on a beach holiday.