Some celebrities get paid one million dollars for pictures of their baby, but an Australian couple somehow ended up with a one million dollar hospital bill after their daughter was born.

John Kan and Rachel Evans were surprised that on their way back home to Australia from a Vancouver vacation, Evans went into premature labor at the airport. The couple had taken out travel insurance and extra coverage, but was even more surprised to discover the insurance did not cover the birth or the baby.

Their daughter, Piper Kan was born three months premature, and because of that, was forced to spend three months in neonatal care, reported The Toronto Star. Piper weighed one pound nine ounces when she was born through emergency C-Section. According to the Huffington Post, Piper's breathing and lung problems made her stay 90 days in neonatal intensive care which cost $8,120 a day.

Besides the daily fee, the Australian parents were forced to pay $500 for the ambulance to the BC Children's and Women's Hospital, and $3,000 for the birth.

After being assured that their insurance covered births, they found out in the middle of their stay in Vancouver that it did not. According to the Toronto Star, the new parents were able to work out a deal to pay the hospital $300 a month, which could come out to a whopping 278 years to pay off. The hospital agreed to absorb part of the cost, after Evans and Kan put $10,000 on a credit card.

Kan and Evans are grateful for their baby though. We just feel very lucky. We'd been trying to get pregnant for a long time, said Evans. Piper is worth whatever we paid. It's just too bad it was such a huge amount.

Piper is currently in good health, and the Australian Department of Health and Ageing is expected to investigate the bill.